Mia Rider (love that name) & Asa Akira

Oooh!! Hot new asian alert. Ok, there’s so few new asian pornstars entering the scene that I get excited about any freakin asian girl, PERIOD. Mia Rider can use a few pointers on looking sexy for interviews, containing her smile & honestly, I’m not a huge “blond” asian fan. But she does make up for it in this VIDEO where she plays with her asshole while getting fucked POV style. If you want more there’s a free picture set here too!

Also here’s the sexy ASA AKIRA sucking a mean cock video from Naughty America!
Is it just me or do her eyebrows scare you, just a tad?


Gaia makes a comeback

There was an asian girl who did a couple (very extreme) scenes a few years back & dissapeared but now she’s reappeared & looking way better than ever. GAIA decided to make her big comeback into the industry by shooting her first scene with Naughty America, one of the biggest companies out there! She looks lean & tanned in these videos of GAIA getting boned by married neighbor
as well as these sexy nude pics of GAIA Enjoy folks!


Asa Akira fucks a NINJA!

I’m not even sure what’s going on here. So Asa Akira picks up a totally tatted up alt punk white girl to bring home and make out with. They’re in the middle of their carpet munching when a NINJA breaks into their bedroom! A movie type ninja, because real ninjas dressed normal, like farmers, etc to blend in with the other members of society as they travelled across the countryside to kill or whatever their mission was at the time. So in the next picture it seems like Asa is going “oh thank god, this ninja is here to save me from my ex-bf that is prank calling my house phone all night! To repay your services I’m going to suck your cock!”
It’s kind of bizzare but you should really look at these pictures yourself.

There’s a lot more on Asa Akira’s official site though. Like solo, hardcore & more. A good example are these free video clips of Asa Akira inserting a toy in her pussy

Holly Woo makes it in Hollywood

I wonder if that’s what she was thinkng of when she picked her name? I can just imagine the thought process…
She’s a pretty new asian pornstar & she’s got the cutest natural boobies & a lovely face to match. Here’s some pics of her sucking off a cock in the shower. SHE HAS HAIR! It’s just a shower cap she’s wearing, lol. You can see here in these free videos of Holly Woo at Mr Chews.

sexy Kimmy Thai

kimmy thai asian pornstar mr chews

Kimmy Thai…
a bunch of free galleries for you just because pure asian morsels like her are so rare to find these days. Isn’t it an economic depression right now? So shouldn’t there be this plethora or hot girls that will do whatever to make rent? Or are there just not enough companies shooting new scenes in LA? Or (as my spouse tells me) did I miss the depression altogether? I’m just going to keep on watching Reno 911 and providing you with wank pics.

Hottie Kimmy Thai rides a big cock on Mr Chews videos
Kimmy Thai looking less pornstar-ish sucking cock videos – seriously, she looks really girl next door in this one!
New Sensations has video clips of Kimmy Thai

Jade Blue Eclipse

I was debating on whether I shuld do a profile page on her, since there isn’t too much free videos & pics of her, since she was very selective of whom she worked with & also who directed her. If you don’t know much about her history then be sure to google her. Her google entry says that she got arrested for not being a US citizen & fled to the Amazon… who knows what is true. But here comes the free porn:

Tattooed Jade Blue Eclipse rides Mr Marcus video clips
Jade Blue Eclipse POV fingered by late DAC videos
Crazy fetish clips with Jade Blue Eclipse – very rare & old!
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Rare asian MILF here!

ok, here’s an interesting video gallery I found by accident while looking for Kitty Yung videos. The name on it says Kitty Yung but it is definately not her. This is RARE as fuck. I mean she looks well into her 40′s so in asian terms, she must be around 50 years old! So for all those that like REAL older asian milfs, check out these video clips of asian milf spreading her pussy open wide!

New Girl on Girl Massage site

From the guys that gave you the Thai Massage site Soapy Massage comes an all new concept. Girls that come in to get a massage get seduced by the massuese instead, who just happens to be a really hot girl. Or in 4 of the cases, the beautiful pornstar Asa Akira! Yup, she starts all professional and robed but can’t help but to get turned on as she’s massaging these beautiful women lying vulnerable on hr massage table. Not convinced? Check out these free sample galleries here!

Asa Akira seducing big boobed blonde videos
London Keyes wants to get in on the girly massages too!
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Lana & Amai do their grandpas!

Ok, not their REAL grandpas but while looking for more free porn for you guys, I accidentally subjected myself to this! The premise is creepy gross old dudes (like over 60+, sorry if any oldtimers are reading this!) fucking teenage girls. And of course, you know they play up the role on the site, Jurrasic Cock. They have the girls in super girly-girl getups and set up scenes such as they are nursing home attendants or something equally as goofy. Ok, so now that we got that premise down, I was not prepared mentally to see LANA VIOLET fucking 3 old geezers in sweaters! I mean, look at what these guys are wearing!?!? Do you dress like this?? Seriously, I should hope not & if so your wife is doing a horrible job of her wifey duties to let you leave like that.
Need more video clips of Lana Violet boned by wrinkley old cocks?

Or how bout this one? Teeny Amai Liu pretending to be a nursing home attendent? And then she seduces the old guy she’s taking care of while giggling with glee? Oh man, porn is just awesome.

Found some old ones

Ahhh yes, my favorite part of the day for you; when I find some old video clips of asian pornstarlets from the early to mid-2000′s. Enough of Asa Akira! let’s see some rare Kylie Rey or Miko Lee instead!

so let’s get on with the show:
Fujiko Kano deepthroats Peter Norths huge cock clips
teeny Kylie Rey gives awesome double blowjob vids
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Miko Lee & Miko Tan get drilled hard by Peter North free video
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Keymore Cash Gangbanged

Here it is!! FREE Video samples of the infamous Keymore Cash gangbang scene! OMG, just look at the faces of this ragtag team of pervs and it will make your sunday afternoon (it did mine, mainly because it’s raining HEAVILY which twarted my dog walking plans). So enjoy these clips (which were also added to Keymore’s Profile Page)

1. vids of Keymore getting ready for her big gangbang & sucking cock
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3. Keymore is STILL getting gangbanged hardcore sample clip

Asian Jerk Off Encouragement

it’s been awhile since I posted about jerk off instruction site TUG FOR ME but this post is relevant, I swear! Just picture sexy asian Tia Ling or Dragonlily directly in front of you, watching you jerking off and she’s getting more & more excited & turned on as you keep stroking your cock!! Then she encourages you to keep goin, giving you hand motions to follow… and while you do, she’s teasing you even more! Sounds like a dream cum true huh? Now you can download all the Tia Ling videos at clips4sale stre #29481, (scroll down or do a name search). It’s not a membership deal, so you can just download the clips you want & keep them forever.
Also on the site is a very sexy asian model from Canada, Siren Thorn. She’s done a few busting you jacking off type scenes as well as playing your sister who wants to watch you stroke it. Both girls do the “sister” act quite well I think. Tia Ling even does one clip especially for you uncut dudes out there! So enjoy these fun lil masturbation instruction clips!

Amai Liu as your daughter

Sexy teenybopper Amai Liu is still thankfully doing the porn circuit & now she’s on a brand new site called “Watching myDaughter Go Black” where she plays this dudes daughter (OMG & he i not even asian, I think he’s hispanic) and she gets mad at him & fucks a black guy in front of him. The premise is pretty goofy, esp with her “Daddy” sitting in the same room playing the whole “what have I done to deserve this!” routine. Ok, its quite comical. And if you’re asian, you’d know that this would be up there on the list of how to completely dissapoint your asian parents. It would go something like:
1. Not becoming a dentist, doctor or lawyer
2. Getting anything less than an A- on report card.
3. Fucking black guy

Of course it might be overlooked if you were already a doctordentistlawyer and the guy you’re fucking is also a doctordentistlawyer. Anything less would get you disowned at the next family banquet. So knowing that, enjoy these free videos of Amai Liu fucking a black guy in front of daddy!