ANGE VENUS Interview

I’ve had the pleasure of doing an exclusive interview with the beautiful long hair asian (ex) pornstar Ange Venus. She made and maintains her own official site, promotes herself very well & is doing mainstream acting in erotic / horror movies now! She is a prime example of unique asian pornstars taking control of their own destiny and really, more pornstars should follow her example. Ange Venus fits into many catagories, like MILF, long hair fetish and big boobs. Let’s see what she’s been up to:

ange venus xxx porn pic interview

1. Congrats on your new movie “Asia Noir 6!” It looks even better than all the other Asia Noirs combined. Tell us about your role in the movie and what it is like working with a creative director like David Aaron Clark.
[ANGE] It is a spectacular movie that I encourage every adult to take a good look at it. My role is a Chinese witch who seeks revenge upon an American policeman. David Clark is the very rare creative and artistic director in this adult industry that I would like to work with, and the crew is fantastic as well.

2. What is the hardest acting role you have had so far?
[ANGE] I always challenge myself, so there is nothing hard for me except films I produced

3. How many mainstream movies have you made so far and what was your favorite role?
[ANGE] There is nothing more interest me than the horror feature movie I am current producing- Empress Vampire (my mainstream fans can see it on my mainstream site), which we are sure will submit to Cannes festival and other festivals. Horror fans can meet me at Cannes, Fangoria, and other fests.

Other mainstream movies I involved are minors. Brave New World was a good R-rated movie, which the crime almost strangled me to death.

4. Being a former police officer, you must have some crazy stories! What was the craziest call you had to attend to?
[ANGE] I will write a book about it in the future. It did have lot of craziness. We could everything we wanted but to be careful where to point your guns.

5. Why did you decide to stop hardcore “adult” modeling ? (except for David Aaron Clark)
[ANGE] I am a performing artist in dance/visionary art, and acting actress. Endless Explicit sex is not my goal for this industry. I have finished my goal to create some Yoga Sex style in the early stage. I have no any interest in adult videos that without script, story, dialogues, and art armed creation. For most of adult actors/actresses, would think it is very good deal (easy work, no acting skill, good pay), however it is not my goal. I want to create art in erotic and non-erotic movies and modeling photos.

Unfortunately 99% of the adult videos are just fucking videos, actors no need any acting skill but fuck skills, that is NOT the acting I admire about, and this kind of movies are not what I am interested. I admire deep cultivated erotica rather than explicit fucking videos. David Clark’s is one of the fewer directors in this industry that shows the erotica, as well as Digital Playground’s movie Pirates, I had pleasure to work with their producer Marc Kramar, and director Joone, and I will attend the screening for Pirates II on September. Adult Fans can meet me there before screening. Theater name will be notified later.

6. What are your top 3 cities in the world?
[ANGE] Los Angeles, Beijing, Paris

7. If you could have only one superhero superpower what would it be?
[ANGE] I am creating the one in my new movie Empress Vampire.

8. I see, so it will be a surprise for us! What was working with Max Hardcore like?
[ANGE] He treated me with full respect all the time in real life. I do not want to evaluate other actor’s behavior however.

9. What are your business plans for the future? Any new upcoming projects you want to share with your fans?
[ANGE] watch my new movie Empress Vampire. Rated R horror action cult movie. My horror fans may keep toned on my mainstream updates.

10. What do you think the biggest challenges that the adult industry faces today and what can we do to change it?
[ANGE] well, I do think we should change from animal kind of sex to more emotional sex, with more art to arm the sex. I really think the biggest human sex organ is BRAIN, not the cock, pussy or breasts. I did not see much of the reflection of eroticism in adult movies, and I think mainstream movies should open more, so there is a crossover range for both industries to discover.

Thank you for your time with My Asian Pornstars Ange Venus! Congrats on being one of the first asian scream queens in the horror industry and much success in the future. If you like Ange’s look and lovely long hair please visit her OFFICIAL ANGE VENUS HOMEPAGEwhere you can watch her hardcore movies and see how flexible she is.

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