Mimi Miyagi & Lyla Lei news

Porn blooper on Fantasiany 3 – Mimi interviews Miko Lee! Funny shit!

OK, there’s TONS of news for super hot Las Vegas gubernatorial mayoral candidate Mimi Miyagi.
First of all she’s been in a traumatic accident where she somehow broke her arm and got a really bad head bonk, resulting in a concussion and also some amnesia. Her recent blogs have been kind of confusing to understand what happened in the initial accident and what’s been going on. Apparently, while in Philly at a hotel room, a large window crashed onto her arm and knocked her out.. it’s kind of fuzzy but here’s her own writing from Mimi Miyagi’s Blog:

I had severe head injury. Head trauma. Post concussion syndrome. Chemicals of brain lack of neurotransmitters, and worste of all Anteralgrade AMNESIA. I have to go in for 2 MRI’s. Brain and Neck. Plus 3 x rays, I’m on medication for bad heart , as a rib might be broken on it, and a herniated disk might have occured. I don’t remember much of what happened except the hotel didn’t have a sign like they should have to not open the window for our safety as the locks were broken, and it knocked me out, and I didn’t even know it. The window ended up on top of my wrist, and it took my other hand to lift with all my might all alone to lift it off my hand. I have a lawyer, team of good doctors, and it might take 2 weeks to over a year to heal according to them. I had to cancel 3 shows on tour so far. So sorry, but out of my control, I’m ordered bed rest. I can still escort as it doesn’t require much motor skills,”

So let’s wish her the best in getting better from her head trauma & I hope she gets a lot of $$$ from the hotel where it happened. On a better note, she’s got a NEW escort site DATE MIMI which tells you about her one on one GFE services. Mimi is one of the few pornstar escorts who allow the clients to take pictures & videos of the session for an extra $500! Oh and be sure to check out her main site as she revamped it & gave it a nice cleaner look!

Mimi Miyagi and Charina Lee at the Lil Bruno movie opening premeire! This girl should be a staple at all porn shoots to teach newbie pornstars how to pose & look hott for the cameras!

Here’s some behind the scenes of Mimi & Charina Lee arriving at the premiere, before the accident:

It seems like, in her writing & her world that everything will now be referred to as BA (before accident) or AA (after accident)

Cambodian super slut LYLA LEI WAS pregnant. She was pregnant for a little bit but then had complications where she had to spend 2 weeks in emergancy where they discovered she had a ectopic pregnancy. But on April 16th she reports that she isn’t pregnant and had a miscarriage, saying that she’s relieved since she wasn’t ready for a baby yet anyways. Right now she is getting ready to go on vacation visiting her dads family in Cambodia until mid May. You can read more about what Lyla Lei is up to on her now opened and OFFICIAL LYLA LEI HOMEPAGE!

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