Katsumi = Katsuni

katsumi katsuni name change sued
At first I thought AVN had mispelt Vietnamese/ French pornstars name Katsumi but one letter in the alphabet. I’m thinking “has AVN gone completely downhill that they can’t even put the correct name to the girl?” But it turns out that a French lady with the same name sued the multiple AVN award winner, saying that she didn’t want the names mixed up & having people think she was a pornstar. So in Europe, since April 2007, Katsumi is now known as Katsuni. The artist formerly known as Katsumi also had to pay a French Judge 27,000 Euros. She’s been using that same name since she started performing in 2000.

Katsuni said that the plaintiff never furnished proof that the name was detrimental; no letters from employers or phone records were provided.
BTW: I think Katsuni looks better with bangs than without!

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