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Asa Akira fucks a NINJA!

I’m not even sure what’s going on here. So Asa Akira picks up a totally tatted up alt punk white girl to bring home and make out with. They’re in the middle of their carpet munching when a NINJA breaks into their bedroom! A movie type ninja, because real ninjas dressed normal, like farmers, etc to blend in with the other members of society as they travelled across the countryside to kill or whatever their mission was at the time. So in the next picture it seems like Asa is going “oh thank god, this ninja is here to save me from my ex-bf that is prank calling my house phone all night! To repay your services I’m going to suck your cock!”
It’s kind of bizzare but you should really look at these pictures yourself.

There’s a lot more on Asa Akira’s official site though. Like solo, hardcore & more. A good example are these free video clips of Asa Akira inserting a toy in her pussy

Holly Woo makes it in Hollywood

I wonder if that’s what she was thinkng of when she picked her name? I can just imagine the thought process…
She’s a pretty new asian pornstar & she’s got the cutest natural boobies & a lovely face to match. Here’s some pics of her sucking off a cock in the shower. SHE HAS HAIR! It’s just a shower cap she’s wearing, lol. You can see here in these free videos of Holly Woo at Mr Chews.

sexy Kimmy Thai

kimmy thai asian pornstar mr chews

Kimmy Thai…
a bunch of free galleries for you just because pure asian morsels like her are so rare to find these days. Isn’t it an economic depression right now? So shouldn’t there be this plethora or hot girls that will do whatever to make rent? Or are there just not enough companies shooting new scenes in LA? Or (as my spouse tells me) did I miss the depression altogether? I’m just going to keep on watching Reno 911 and providing you with wank pics.

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Kimmy Thai looking less pornstar-ish sucking cock videos – seriously, she looks really girl next door in this one!
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