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Amai Liu as your daughter

Sexy teenybopper Amai Liu is still thankfully doing the porn circuit & now she’s on a brand new site called “Watching myDaughter Go Black” where she plays this dudes daughter (OMG & he i not even asian, I think he’s hispanic) and she gets mad at him & fucks a black guy in front of him. The premise is pretty goofy, esp with her “Daddy” sitting in the same room playing the whole “what have I done to deserve this!” routine. Ok, its quite comical. And if you’re asian, you’d know that this would be up there on the list of how to completely dissapoint your asian parents. It would go something like:
1. Not becoming a dentist, doctor or lawyer
2. Getting anything less than an A- on report card.
3. Fucking black guy

Of course it might be overlooked if you were already a doctordentistlawyer and the guy you’re fucking is also a doctordentistlawyer. Anything less would get you disowned at the next family banquet. So knowing that, enjoy these free videos of Amai Liu fucking a black guy in front of daddy!