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New site Bro Bang

Asian newcomer Amai Liu is still working the porn circuit for what it’s worth! And this time she’s shot for a brand new site whose premise is 10 black guys in tuxedos banging, throat fucking and cumming on 1 white chick. But this time, fortunately for us, an asian chick managed to weasle her way into this Bro Bang! I’m not 100% sure why they are in tuxedos still, but it’s a change from the usual black gangbang sites where they are all thugged up. Amai Liu is all tarted up for a slutty night out in a hot purple sequined tube top and a black frilly mini skirt; she’s also got these black fingerless lace gloves on which she keeps on during the scene. Sometimes I wonder who picks the outfits and accessories. Is it the girls? The Director? The makeup & hair person?? If you were in charge of the warddrobe how would u like to see Amai dressed??

Enough rambling, watch some FREE movie clips of Amai Liu getting Brobanged.