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Really Funny Asia Zo

It’s from a Kickass Pictures interacial DVD, not sure which one. The new asian pornstar spinner Asia Zo

There is something erotic about this. Asia Zo kind of reminds of me a long since retired asian pornstar named Lolita that was active in around 2003.

Here’s some pics of Asia Zo on her knees sucking cock, with her big brown eyes staring up at you. Again, because of her young looks, she’s dressed in a schoolgirl outfit.

New Asian Beaver Girls

New porn girl alerts on Mr Chews…
Her name is Tasha Lyn and she’s half chinese and half Thai. She’s got a tight little natural body with only 1 small lower back tattoo.
So enjoy these pictures of Tasha Lyn getting her pussy pounded and also some video clips of Tasha Lyn

There’s also a Ka Lee. I’m not sure what nationality she is… Lee is traditionally a Chinese last name but I’m confused about the Ka. If it was something like Mim or Pip then that is totally Thai. She has really sultry penetrating eyes though, not innocent but more like she’ll be in control in the sack, almost predatory. That’s hot.
Some pictures of Ka Lee stripping her schoolgirl outfit to whet your appetite first
Then let’s see some video clips of Ka Lee getting fucked by a huge cock

This next one is interesting. Her name is Asia Zo and she is a Japanese / Greek / Chinese. She’s got her own MYSPACE page (and a Twitter account) which is a very interesting read. She grew up in Hong Kong and has done modelling since she was a kid. She wrote a whole long bio about herself and when new pornstars do that it just gives the fans more of a connection to the girl and her personality than just a fuck scene. She looks great in these clips but the makeup artist has way too much shit on her face, making her look like a Phillipine bar whore instead of a wholesome hottie.

Enjoy these free videos of Asia Zo sucking on massive cock

I am sadistic

I am sadistic on 2 levels and I’m ok with that. It took me a long time to realize it, but I enjoy watching horror movies just to watch people suffer, hearing their screams for mercy and seeing them breathe their last breath as the seriel killer closes in. Okay, maybe I shouldn’t have said that here… but hey, I’ve done nothing wrong so there is no consequences. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy seeing scenes of the Minion sticking his fat gut and puny 4 incher in some hot pornstarlets face, while it’s covered in mushed up food, slop & god knows what.

Especially in this picture gallery of Mulaan sucking off the Minion. When I see that scene certain questions come into mind. Like, where is she now & is this the only scene she’s done? Did the whole experience with Chico Wang & smearing food on the Minion scare her out of porno-valley for good, slinking back to the suburbs with her tail between her legs? Yes, you should really look at this free video clips of Mulaan getting squashed by the Minion just so you get the whole insane picture here.

So the other level of sadism I enjoy in my spare time is making you innocent apple-pie faced fuckers watch this shit too!!! moo-ha-ha-ha

Roxy Jezel taking all 4 inches of the Minion in all his glory pics
Lyla Lei having a blast sucking off the Minion movies

Amai Liu still here!

For those of you who enjoy tiny asian spinners, you’ll be glad to know that the petite hottie Amai Liu is still here taking cock on camera and wasn’t just a flash in the pan who needed some quick cash. I think most will be even happier to know that she is doing interacial fucking now, and what better site to showcase her vagina stretching skillz than Interacial Pickups? Note that as a VGA (very good asian) she is wearing the obligatory jade bangle bracelet for good mana & good fortume.

Check out this great video clips of Amai Liu sucking and sitting on huge black cock
If you need some new wallpapers you might want to peep this picture gallery of Amai Liu double fisting black dick here.