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Keeani Leis Personal Videos

I found Keeani Lei on youtube where she’s uploaded a few personal vids like her building a half pipe, surfing, etc.

Ummm yeah. she skates… i skate… Keeani if you’re reading this, will you marry me?

mmmm Kita Zen

OMFG she is hott and she totally reminds me of Tila Tequila except with natural lil 32A boobies. She especially looks like Tila when her mouth is wide open, don’t ask, but it’s true!! I’m not just being a perv. She is fairly fresh to the scene at 21 years old, standing 5’3″ and 101lbs.
Anyways, onto the good stuff:

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…. in love….

Asians Mega Cum Blasted

We all know that there is no way this is humanly possible… but the comedic value is entertaining enough for a few minutes anyways.

Jayna Oso is back in the porn game & lookin mighty fine these days. Check her out getting a huge facial cum blast pics. If that ‘s not enough, you probably want to see from free videos of Jayna’s big cumshot!

Petite asian Priva makes his black cock look even more retardedly massive as she sits on it. Watch her getting a ridiculous cumshot in these videos. If you need the moment ingrained in your head here are the pictures of Priva getting cum blasted.

Tia Ling… well… you can never get enough of her!! Here she is getting interacially pussy fucked and then big time jizzed on on her face picture set… and here is the movie samples of Tia Ling cum blasted

A passed out London Keyes

If you came back to your hotel room and saw a very unconcious passed out London Keyes in your bed what would do?? Probably NOT turn on every single light in the room at full blast so not to wake her would be the first rule! lol.
Here’s a funny passed out scene with London Keyes where he puts whipped cream & cherries on her yoohoo and then fucks her mouth & pussy. I’m sure the picture gall ain’t enough so here is the video samples of London Keyes getting sleep violated!

London Keyes & Max Mikita

These two pornstars are no strangers to the adult scene so it’s about time I added them. There’s tons of free video and picture galleries listed in their profiles of these two complete opposites so enjoy!

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London Keyes profile on MAP

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Mika Tan at Bunny Ranch

Yes I know there is quite a few asian pornstars still escorting right now (such as Miko Lee, Kianna Dior & others) but I think that the fact that uber hottie Mika Tan is being featured at the Dennis Hofs infamous Bunny Ranch gives it a sense of legitimacy and honor. Did I just use the word “honor” to describe prostitution?? Dude…. happy July 4th everyone! No clue how much an hour with her would cost but I’m sure it’s a lottadough.

Honestly, if I were ever to solicit an escort, I think I would want the FULL experience at a brothel. The line up of girls to choose from (so you know you’re not getting any bait n switch) and comfortable bedrooms with tons of toys and costumes for her to dress up in… and no chance of a boyfriend waiting outside the hotel room waiting to rob you… just my 2cents.

View MIKA TAN’s full profile on My Asian Pornstars

Amai Liu still here filming!

I touched on this hottie awhile back, but I don’t think I posted any videos of her. Seriously, Amai Liu is freaking TINY… like Kitty size and tiny AA cup boobies, orthodontic braces and looking very teenybopper – ish. Anyone this size would make an average cock look extremely huge anyways…

So here is some great video clips of the lovely Amai Liu with pretty much no makeup getting plowed:

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Miley Villa in Threesome

remember a few months back I wrote about a new fresh faced 18year old Flip newbie to the LA porn scene named Miley Villa ? Well here she is all DOLLED up to the point where I didn’t even recognise her at all until I looked at the name in the title. The other super hot asian girl is another newbie named Kita Zen and they’re having a super happy all smiles threesome fuck outdoors in the sunshine!! oooh Miley Villa looks so pretty with her face full of cum!

Yes summer has officially arrived!

Ultimate Surrenders

Girls in bikinis wrestling until one girl loses and has to eat the other girls pussy??? Um… where do I buy tickets!?! Seriously dude, I’m one of those people that yell at the TV during Smackdown so I was there I’d be screaming the fuck at these girls…

This following showdown with Annie Cruz and Claire Dames is totally unfair!! Look at how much size Claire has on Annie!! Annie’s looking good though; looks like she’s been working out and lost some weight. Watch the free videos of Annie Cruz taken down by Claire Dames wrestling match


In this wrestling match between Tia Ling (Jade) and Sasha Lexing… Tia manages to pin her down with her pussy, making poor Sasha eat her out… making her the clear winner. Watch the videos of Tia Ling lesbian wrestling like a champ! Tia’s lifetime fight record has been 2-2 and she’s currently ranked 13th in Ultimate Surrender.

Honestly, if they just made it a live audience & charged ppl to watch, they would definately make some extra $$$.
Be sure to check out the main part of My Asian Porn Stars for a FULL list of starlets

Ava Devine Queen Cocksucker

She might be a few years older than when she first started in this biz but I think it’s still treating her well!
Who can pass up these nice long flash videos of Miss Ava Devine, my favorite asian MILF where she belongs… on her knees and sucking the cum out of this cock? and of course here’s the sample picture gallery of Ava Devine in stockings getting plugged in the butt.

Now let’s have a moment of silence for hot asians who love sex….

On a completely unrelated note: Debi Diamond came out of retirement & did a hardcore porn scene again! So you click on the free Debi Diamond pics and you’re like “who the fuck is is tired old haggy MILF!?” STFU you young kiddo, you don’t know shit!
1. Debi Diamond is a legend. She did amazing porn scenes back in the day that would put all these young girls to shame.
2. She actually loves sex!
3. She’s from my hometown of Vancouver, BC

Brain Fart! & weird video

Ok, I haven’t been keeping up with the asian pornstar news so I’m making myself post a bunch right now… esp since I’m back on #2 in Google for a lot of key terms, LOL. So… I’m looking at this weird video where they stuck these bizarre fake nipples on this asian starlet and for the life of me I cannot remember her name… and I’m supposed to be some kind of self proclaimed expert on this stuff. Is it Mia Leilani??

Excuse me while I just quit this facade right now and open up a taco stand!!

Glammed up Asian Pornstars!

asia pornstar free video keeani lei kina kai hardcore
yessss… there is another new exclusive asian paysite CUM FU and of course they
have shot a TON of the usual suspects in the porn game with little twists. They are glammed the fuck up!! Sometimes with wigs, costumes, tons of makeup & all. There’s a lot of reality sites where they girls are just themselves with minimal make up so it’s always a treat to see them looking like FULL ON PORNSTARS and playing that role to a T. Some of these girls you won’t even recognise because of their GLAM looks so it’s like having a brand new pornstar to watch! hehe.

here we go… check out these pics of Asia in a pink wig doing some weird choke hold on the dude. There’s still her famous anal sex fucking in there of course. Here’s the video gallery of Asia anal sex.

Oh look who it is… it’s Kina Kai and I coulda sworn she had quit doing hardcore quite awhile ago? She looks good and I like the hair done thing. Free video gallery of Kina Kai showing off her pussy. More of sexy asian Kina Kai getting pussy fucked pics.

Brand new asian porn star alert! Her name is Eva and I can’t seem to find a last name for her. This might be her very first porn scene; she’s a blonde MILF with big fake titties so enjoy these pics of Eva riding mega cock and getting facial cummed.

Okay, here’s my favorite scene from the initial look at this new site… Y’all know I’m a big Keeani Lei fan but here she is, almost unrecognisable at first glance… picture gallery of Keeani Lei getting ass fucked & looking stunning! I know you’re not just satisfied with pics so here’s the free video samples of sexy asian porn star Keeani Lei anal sexed