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Mr Chews New Beavers

I recently wrote a post about a new teenie asian named Amai Liu and lo and behold here she is on Mr Chews Asian Beaver in a really goofy looking “schoolgirl” outfit from lord-knows what country’s interpretation it is. She would look much more salacious in a traditional Japanese schoolgirl outfit like this:
japanese schoolgirl sailor fuku uniform

You all need to write to Mr Chew saying he’s got it all wrong!! Here are some great pic & movie clips galleries of Amai Liu & more new asian fuckdolls for you:

Amai Liu teen asian posing and getting fucked pics
Movie samples of Amai Liu getting boned by white cock
Asian MILF Taylor Kiss ready to suck cocks pics
Movie clips of new Taylor Kiss posing and sucking dick

New Asian Pornstar Lookout!

Here’s a quick heads up to some of the newest asian faces listed on the online modeling websites.

jade seng asian pornstar porn pic
Seriously brand fucking new, Jade Seng has a classic chinese look without all the goofy American influences we see so much. She’s 5’5″ and 120lbs with 33C boobies and 21 years old. She started in October 2008 but I can’t find any scenes with her yet. her AIM test is recent which means she has been shooting.

miako new york asian pornstar porn
This is not the Miako from Japan but from NYC. She’s really tiny, a mere 5’2″ and 100 lbs with natural A cup boobies, at 26yrs old. She is BRAND spanking new to the scene, listed with the agency since early December 2008. In some pics she looks a lot like the very retired Exotic Amy from the early days. Check out her modeling portfolio at Goldstar

julie chan asian pornstar porn sex
Julie Chan is from Florida and apparently started in sept 2008. You can tell she’s from FL from her tight body, deep tan and tight slim body. I like this girl already from her pics… we can go skateboarding and surfing together with another Florida local, Keeani Lei. Since she’s from FL, let’s see if she appears on the Bangbros network.

jasmine jinn jin asian pornstar porn
Meet Jasmine Jinn . Ok, she is hot even though she barely resembles asian. Maybe a white girl squinting her eyes a lot, LOL. Nah, her profile says asian and hopefully she gets shot so we can see how she performs. She’s 5’8″ and 130lbs and 23 years old.

callie dee new asian pornstar porn
Callie Dee is a sweet 20 years old and half Filipina and half German. She started in porn in October 2008 as well, with a bit of baby fat on her to show her youth, she barely looks asian but is still a hottie.

C’mon… let’s hope the porn resession will be over soon so directors and companies can start shooting all these new hotties.

Merry Christmas from Isis Lee

isis lee asian pornstar pic christmas

The beautiful Isis Lee wishes everyone a Merry Christmas, Holidaze, Kwanzaa or whatever it is you celebrate during the season! Check out this strip tease pic gallery of Isis Lee by the tree.

Man, time flies…. another year is over. Many of our favorite asian pornstars have quit…
BTW I scored some gratis tickets to the AEE Expo in January so you will see a bunch of photos and report here in Mid Jan!

5 Nights of Tera Patrick

tera patrick free video pic
Starting tonight and going for 5 nights in a row, adult superstar Tera Patrick will be a feature exotic dancer at various dance clubs in Socal:
Monday 15th – Hustler Westminster
Tues – Deja Vu San Diego
Weds – Hustler Redlands
Thurs – Hustler San Diego
Fri – Dreamgirls San Diego

So for those of you lucky to be in Socal, here’s your chance to get up close and personal with Tera, get pics with her and get an autograph too!! Also, remember the AEE Expo 2009 is going on in Las Vegas, January 9-11.

Shameless Plug…

Just popping on to plug some new sites / blogs I just started. As you may or may not know I own a bunch of successful fetish paysites & affiliate program that have NOTHING to do with asians which is why I don’t mention them here. I just personally have a thing & can retain knowledge on asian girls which is why I have this site & rank #1 on Google for asian pornstars.
So I thought I’d point out a few new blogs that I started & you can bookmark & check back, cuz they don’t have too many posts yet:

My Asian Porn Blog – another general asian porn blog, not necessarily about pornstars
Asia Noir Blog - all about asian interracial sex & blacks in asians
My Asian Milf – Blog about asian ladies over 30++
GangBang News – general gangbang blog

WTF is Luci Thai Doing!?

luci thai porn the minion luci thai pornstar asian the minion pics
I hope she didn’t suffocate while “the Minion” humped her little asian body!! Check out this free picture gallery of Luci Thai fucked by the minion. I’m sure you’re staring at the pics above in shock… like:
1. WTF was Luci Thai thinking as the Minions flab enveloped her?
2. Could she breathe?
3. What did it smell like under there?

This scene wasn’t as bad as some of the other pornstars he’s fucked while eating massive amounts of PIE & other messy foodstuffs. Luci is such a great sport. FYI The Minion was a production assistant to Wanker Wang in a porno shooting house in the San Fernando Valley awhile back & I guess they shot this content cuz they thought it was funny! LOL So the content isn’t very new… I hope it entertains you at least. If you’re up for it here’s some sample videos of Luci Thai getting crushed by the Minion

Law and Lust

I can’t stop blogging!!! Just waiting for dinner to get out of the oven & then I’m outta here. But for now, here’s an exclusive trailer of an upcoming movie with korean pornstar KARA TAI where there’s like a plot and stuff and it’s got a speedboat. I think it takes place in Miami (check out the scenery). Anyways it looks fun .

Guess who’s getting DP’d?

asian double penetration pic
Guess whose holes are getting plugged in the picture above?? She’s slim & tiny and also crazy hott. It’s PRIVA, Privates new contract girl and their FIRST asian contract girl as well. The pic above is from site Asian Parade where she does a double penetration scene. Check out these free video samples of Priva DP’d here. You’ll be astounded at how this tiny little asian girl can take it in.

Movies with Minka XXX

OMG, this sample movie clips with Minka while she’s pretending to be a nurse and this dude is asking about a penis enlargement is just hilarious!! She looks confused and stalls with her lines which reminds me of the Ms. Swan character in the old MAD TV episodes. Ms. Swan reminds me of my mom, which is not a good chain of events. Busty asian Minka is probably close to my moms age, like at least mid-50′s, which is a scary thought. Asian parents don’t have sex!!! I was born out of immaculate conception (this is what I keep telling myself) to protect my fragile pure mind.

Here’s another video samples of busty MINKA chillin around the house. Happy Cyber Monday

Wrestler Tia Ling

Well it seems I have spoke too soon… there is MORE new footage of Tia Ling & this time she is having a lesbian wrestling match with white girl Ariel X. Will this trained wrestler pin the novice Tia Ling? Watch these free video clips:

Asian Tia Ling getting fingered whilte naked wrestling mpegs
Picture gallery of Tia Ling ultimate wrestling some chick

Isn’t that crazy stuff? The girls are doing real wrestling moves, not the silly fake catfight shit like crotch kicking & hairpulling. It’s nice to see Tia’s toned body flexing & being shown off in this cool scene.

While we are talking of the KINKY side of Tia… here is a bonus picture gallery of Tia Ling getting strung up and leabian teased. This is a different site from the first bondage site I mentioned. It has no guys, only lesbian play but it looks intense and erotic all the same. oh hell.. here is the free video samples of Tia Ling getting strapon fucked by this blonde dominatrix too!

Tia Ling Rope Bondage

I finally found it!! I knew that tight bodied pornstar Tia Ling was filming recently in San Fransisco for Kink but I didn’t know when the scenes would be out or for which site… Now I know and I’ve got the free sample galleries to show you:

Mpeg video of Tia Ling in Japanese rope bondage whipped
Tia Ling tied up in rope bondage and pussy fucked hard
More pics & vids of Tia Ling caned and tortured in S&M gallery

The guy doing all this is Derek Pierce & he seems to do a lot of bondage stuff for Kink. Usually the last video on the gallery shows some behind the scenes clip of them goofing off and having fun to calm your mind that cute lil Tia did NOT get hurt during the filming of this! The news is that Tia will be filming for Kink again this month soon. Wonder which sites it will be?

Goodbye Jandi Lin

jandi lin retiring hawaii pornstar
She appeared in the scene last year and made quite a splash with her stunning hotness and beautiful back tattoo piece. Plus she was romantically linked to several male stars… the lovely Jandi Lin is rumoured to be retiring from filmin porn at the end of the year and return home to Hawaii to attend graduate school. Apparently she will NOT be at the Evil Angel Booth at the AEE Expo 2009. Best of luck to Jandi Lin & her new careers. She was one of the brightest and well spoken asian pornstars around for her time.
Be sure to check out her Jandi Lin profile page here to see free pics & video of her in action!

Is this Cheryl Lynn Khan?

cheryl lynn khan dynasty pornstar asian
I was going through my friends pictures of the big webmaster party at the Playboy Mansion party this year and saw one of the server girls decked out in latex who looks a LOT like retired pornstar and fetish model Cheryl Lynn Khan ( otherwise known as Cheryl Dynasty ). What do you think? Is it her? It looks like she gained some chubb in the mid-section there. Below is an older pic of Cheryl Lynn Khan before retirement:

cheryl dynasty asian pornstar

If you think she’s a hottie & don’t know who she is go directly to her profile page & free galleries!