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japanese model pornstar tomo paradise
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1. Hi, Tomo, and thanks for taking some time to be interviewed by MAP. Tell us when you got started in modeling and why?
Tomo: I think I started 3 or 4 years ago. I posted nude pictures online and then people say they like it, so I just kind of keep doing it.

2. Who picks out your outfits
for shoots? How many pairs of shoes do you have?
Tomo: Sometimes I pick outfits or sometimes photographer. I just pick out something I have. I have like probably over 200 lingerie. I have so many shoes. Like 50.

3. What is your number #1 addiction?
Tomo: I can’t live without my computer. I use every day, every minute. With computer, you can do anything, you can read, you can write, you can watch. Pretty much everything you need. Oh, and maybe pastry or dessert. Because I need food to live. I eat every 3 hours.


Nautica Thorn career change?

Will Nautica Thorn become the next hot asian newscaster? I think she’s got the good & she’s definately got the brains as well… plus, every US station nationwide has at least ONE AZN chickie on their team & if they’re REALLY progressive, she is paired with a black news guy.

Watch Nautica Thorn topless newscasting!

Kaylani Lei video interview

Here’s a really OLD so-so interview with Kaylani Lei when she was just getting started, yup she’s smoking hot but it’s an interview without a peak… maybe it’s the interviewer… the same old boring ass questions that they ask all pornstars


Charina Lee in hardcore porno scene

charina lee sex hardcore video pics

Asian sex kitten CHARINA LEE does her first hardcore scene with Asian 1 on 1 website! Charina Lee has been running her own solo girl website now for a couple of years now, also known as Mimi Miyagi’s roommate in Las Vegas & she looks amazing for a Filipina MILF. See, that’s what I love about asian girls, they look young forever…. until they’re like 80 and then they wake up one day looking like Yoda. See the proof at any Chinatown across the country… lots of hot asians that look like they could be anywhere from 17-45, but it’s hard to tell… and then the seniors look 110+ years old! That rocks!

Charina Lee is definately made for hardcore. I hope this isn’t a one time deal with her and she continues to make more hardcore sex scenes for DVD & internext sites. If you like Charina then she dances at Seamless in Las Vegas. For now let’s check out there:


New Sensations releases… I LOVE…

LA porno production powerhouse New Sensations is always on the ball, being one of the first big DVD companies to offer their scenes for online websites, New Sensations has done it again with their DVD line titled ” I Love … insert-name-of-hot-pornstar-you-are-currently-obsessed-with.” Now that in itself isn’t anything new BUT they have made “I Love” titles with MANY of the popular ASIAN pornstars of today instead of just focussing on white girls. The movies are over 3 hours long featuring their best scenes shot for NS; and it’s not just the pretty girl masturbation stuff either. There’s plenty of double penetrations, anal, etc whatever the asian girl does best.

Currently in their lineup for ASIAN PORNSTARS is:


I LOVE LANNY BARBIE (Shot by Suze Randall)
& don’t forget NS’s Asian Comps like I LOVE ASIANS #3

Keeani Lei Video Inerview

HOLY FUCKING SHIT. I’ve had a thing for Keanni Lei since she started in the scene cuz her passion for real raw fucking & gangbangs was obvious & now, just hearing her say the words “gangbang” and “bukkake” fuckin drives me crazy. Props to foxkillone for posting some killa interviews of my fave underrated asian stars!

Here’s some more recent Keanni Lei free gallery finds for all y’all:
Keanni Lei sucks cock til it blows mpegs
Asian Keanni Lei footjob video clips
Horny Keanni Lei gets double penetrated in both holes. Super happy fun times!

and of course her OFFICIAL KEANNI LEI website

Another new asian site – KUNG FU WHORES

OMG it’s a new asian site called KUNG FU WHORES! LOL

It’s like “Hello!” we really can’t think of any more good names for asian sites so we’ll just use the same ol same ol usually consisting of either Kung Fu, Chop Suey, Me Luv You Long Time, Sucky Sucky, FUckee Suckee & then followed by either Sluts, Whores, Girls, Cum Buckets, etc)

There’s really only so many combos of that you can make up and they all kinda sound the same when you see a lot of them together… This site features some of the “MID-2000″ girls if that makes any sense. Girls that came in (and some left) during the 2004- early 2006 time period that don’t have the same look & similar names as the “new” girls now. Some good examples of the “mid-2000″ girls I like are Lacey Tom, Veronica Lynn, Asia (not Carrera) , Annie Cruz, Japanese Kammy & Japanese Yumi.

Oh and GUESS WHAT!?!?! They’re all on KUNG FU WHORES!! The site claims it’s filmed all exclusive so since it features retired Korean Lacey Tom then that means it was filmed quite a while ago and just released now.

Here’s some sample pic galleries from KUNG FU WHORES:

Naomi Zen gets cock drilled after strippng lingirie pics
Lacey Tom does a threeway fuck with Lily Thai picture gallery
Japanese Yumi gets huge black cock inside tiny pussy pics
Filipina busty Loni interacial sex with Sledge Hammer pic gallery

YOUTUBE Asian Pornstars

Here’s a great lil video of superslut LUCY LEE freaking out at the BTS cameraman ( I cannot tell who’s shoot this is though) like totally flipping out in her usual style and then getting thrown out of the house!

Video of Lucy Lee freaking out big time!

More YouTube gems include Day in the Life of Tera Patrick, video doc from G4TV. I’m all up for non-negative, non-stereotypes of pornstars!

And of course my total goddess Asia Carrera’s FULL video on E! “Broken Dreams” where she goes over the untimely death of her husband. The FUCKING MEDIA KILLED IT!! They portrayed her as the usual dumbass stupid stereotype of “pornstar as victim” which she is NOT. They keep asking retarded questions like “why would such a smart, intelligent woman turn to porn?!” in disbelief, like sex is beneath all worthy human beings. OK, i have to stop myself from ranting on about how much a I hate the mainstream media in order for me to post the fucking vids:



Christina Aguchi & Gianna Lynn

I’ve just added new profile pages with bios and TONS of free pic & video galleries for asian pornstars:


christina aguchi asian pornstar free video pic gianna lynn tattooed asian pornstars free galleries

Go to MyAsianPornstars Main Page!

Mimi Miyagi & Lyla Lei news

Porn blooper on Fantasiany 3 – Mimi interviews Miko Lee! Funny shit!

OK, there’s TONS of news for super hot Las Vegas gubernatorial mayoral candidate Mimi Miyagi.
First of all she’s been in a traumatic accident where she somehow broke her arm and got a really bad head bonk, resulting in a concussion and also some amnesia. Her recent blogs have been kind of confusing to understand what happened in the initial accident and what’s been going on. Apparently, while in Philly at a hotel room, a large window crashed onto her arm and knocked her out.. it’s kind of fuzzy but here’s her own writing from Mimi Miyagi’s Blog:

I had severe head injury. Head trauma. Post concussion syndrome. Chemicals of brain lack of neurotransmitters, and worste of all Anteralgrade AMNESIA. I have to go in for 2 MRI’s. Brain and Neck. Plus 3 x rays, I’m on medication for bad heart , as a rib might be broken on it, and a herniated disk might have occured. I don’t remember much of what happened except the hotel didn’t have a sign like they should have to not open the window for our safety as the locks were broken, and it knocked me out, and I didn’t even know it. The window ended up on top of my wrist, and it took my other hand to lift with all my might all alone to lift it off my hand. I have a lawyer, team of good doctors, and it might take 2 weeks to over a year to heal according to them. I had to cancel 3 shows on tour so far. So sorry, but out of my control, I’m ordered bed rest. I can still escort as it doesn’t require much motor skills,”

So let’s wish her the best in getting better from her head trauma & I hope she gets a lot of $$$ from the hotel where it happened. On a better note, she’s got a NEW escort site DATE MIMI which tells you about her one on one GFE services. Mimi is one of the few pornstar escorts who allow the clients to take pictures & videos of the session for an extra $500! Oh and be sure to check out her main site as she revamped it & gave it a nice cleaner look!

Mimi Miyagi and Charina Lee at the Lil Bruno movie opening premeire! This girl should be a staple at all porn shoots to teach newbie pornstars how to pose & look hott for the cameras!

Here’s some behind the scenes of Mimi & Charina Lee arriving at the premiere, before the accident:

It seems like, in her writing & her world that everything will now be referred to as BA (before accident) or AA (after accident)

Cambodian super slut LYLA LEI WAS pregnant. She was pregnant for a little bit but then had complications where she had to spend 2 weeks in emergancy where they discovered she had a ectopic pregnancy. But on April 16th she reports that she isn’t pregnant and had a miscarriage, saying that she’s relieved since she wasn’t ready for a baby yet anyways. Right now she is getting ready to go on vacation visiting her dads family in Cambodia until mid May. You can read more about what Lyla Lei is up to on her now opened and OFFICIAL LYLA LEI HOMEPAGE!

Nautica Thorn returns to Hawaii

nautica thorn mpegs video clips free

Hawaiian native superstar Nautica Thorn will be returning to Hawaii this weekend for a signing and feature dancing! Nautica will be signing autographs and DVD’s on Saturday from 5 to 9 p.m. at Diamond Head’s Honolulu outlet located just 10 minutes from Waikiki Beach on the island of Oahu. The address for the store is 1745 Kalakaua Ave., and phone number is (808) 943-6066.

On Monday, Nautica Thorn will perform live at Hawaii’s premier gentlemen’s club, Club 939 (939 Keeaumoku Ave., Honolulu). For showtimes, call the club at (808) 952-9300.

Nautica now helms her own production company, Nautica Thorn Productions & recently released “Nautica Thorn’s All Access” through Hustlers LFP group. Her second title will be “Enter Nautica” coming soon to an adult video store near you!

Stills for Asian Brotha Luvas

I was surfing and found a gallery on Gamelink of “Pretty Girls” from Asian Brotha Lovers #2 and was HORRIFIED at what they did to my fave girls! “Pretty Girls” are still photos taken with super high quality cameras before the hardcore action, when the girls are in full makeup & fresh with no jizz on face. They are used for boxcover pictures, promo posters, promotional galleries for the girls and the video companies, etc etc. When you see the ONE picture that made it to the boxcover there are about 40 more sitting in someones storage room that you will never see. Now you’d think that for marketing purposes ( & note that I have NO marketing background) they’d WANT TO MAKE THE PORNSTARS LOOK FUCKIN HOTT! Right?

asian pornstars free galleries
WTF!?!?! MY beautiful young nubile japanese Princess YUMI looks like a 40 year old used concubine with that retarded caked on makeup and the “I have a huge eyelid fold even though I’m asian but I’m really ashamed so I’m going to draw in a fake ass line on my eyelid” going on…

free asian porn stars pics photo
Can you even recognise japanese super slut KAMMY here? I had to squint at the screen for a minute before even registering that these aren’t Thai street hookers!

samples free asian pornstar pictures
OK, the “let’s get right down and take a picture lookin up to make her look taller” just makes her look unhappy. I cannot even tell if that is Chinese DESTINY or not. Dude, if I was directing this movie I’d have fired the makeup artist on the spot!! ***MEMO*** These asian hotties don’t need an inch of make up caked on their faces for them to fuck like the whores they are!


Asian Pornstars on Bangbros

Bangbros is a non racially exclusive conglomorate who frequently shoots black girls, latinas and of course our favorite asians too! Heck they even have that site with NO WHITE GIRLS whatsoever called Black-Asian-Latina Honeys.

bangbros asians

Let’s see who the Bangbro crew has recently fucked:

Cute unknown asian giving a POV handjob movies
Sexy Lana Croft riding massive cock – movie gallery
Tia Tanaka & Charmane Star lesbo make out session video clips
Nadi Phuket discovers how big a black mans dick is -picture gallery

Out of all the asian girls that have been on bangbros, I’d still have to say that my favorite scenes are still and always will be the infamous Bangbus videos, hands down, grainy & dirty Miami style!