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Jayla Starr & some found goodies!

Just perusing around and due to the lack of new asian starlets coming into the scene the last few years, I’m going to post some oldies that you may not have seen yet… and keep their memories alive!

So here is the lovely Jayla Starr riding big cock movie. Look at the way her back arches up… magnificent! I actually don’t even know who that is but the name is familiar.

Oh! Here’s a newer scene from Yuki Mori where she sinks to her knees for a nice POV blowjob video. The bangs are awesome! You wouldn’t think such a cute innocent face could be so naughty. naughty little fortune cookie!


Hustler relaunches Asian Fever

Gone are the old one page paysite tours, they just don’t cut it anymore since people like to see what they are getting inside the promised members areas before forking out their hard earned money. So Hustler finally joins 2008 with the relaunch of their site HUSTLER ASIAN FEVER based on their popular DVD series.

The site now uses the popular “reality porn site” tour and at first glance I see some of my favorite girls like Nyomi Marcella, Nadi Phukat, Mika Tan and Kea Kulani. There are also other brown girls shot in Thailand and/or the Philipines as well, so it’s a nice mix to keep it fresh. Ok, enough blabbering & onto the free galleries:

Teen Kitty teases you in pink lingirie pictures
Asian pornstar gets arrested by female cop & licks pussy pics
Kaiya Lynn gets naked and spreads pussy pic gallery
Mya Luanna in sheer stockings sucking cock pics

Site for rare asian pornstars!!

Ok, it’s been awhile since I’ve been really excited about any new site (other than the Tera Patrick official site in the blog post below, LOL) but I just found a great site with the old Devils Films DVD collections online & THEY have shot a TON of asians from way back. Maybe because I’m older, the new young asian pornstars hold less appeal than the ones that were active from say 1994-2002. And those videos are fucking hard to find online.

Free video galleries of retired asians from Devils Films:

Suzy Suzuki porn legend gets black gangbanged video clips
Aliyah Likit reverse cowgirl fuck mpeg clips
Cris Taliana pussy poked and fucked video clips
Korean pornstar Lacey Tom gets facial cum movie clips
asian Lady Mai sucks your cum out video mpegs

FOr over 15 years Devils Films has been shooting hardcore porn, seeking out new talents in all genres and they’ve got some of the best black gangbang videos around. if you like the video galleries above be sure to visit the OFFICIAL DEVILS FILMS site and check out the ” ASIAN ” catagory!

Tera Patricks Official Site

Ok, change of plans… again… Tera Patricks NEW OFFICIAL SITE has changed from Club Tera to….. TERA PATRICK.COM I love the new design, no pink or anything too girly & very classy. You can watch all her Teravision movies in the members areas like Teradise Island & Reign of Tera. It promises “private” videos as well as an “ask Tera” section, as well as free trailers for all the movies (some of them are a little bit stereotypically cheesy Azn fare, but funny!) There’s also a bunch of BTS video ( Behind The Scenes ) in the members area, which is what I like to see! Everything is laid out for you in the tour, so it’s not just one of those old school 1 page tours where you don’t know what you’re getting in the members area. If you’re a Tera Patrick fan check it out and at least watch the free trailers!

Some free pic / vid galleries from her official site:

Point of View blowjob by Tera Patrick mpeg clips
Nude Tera Patrick rides blonde girls face picture set
Asian Tera Patrick riding cock cowgirl video mpegs
Busty Tera Patrick glamour posing with blonde pornstar pictures

Someone who’s knows asians better than I…

would be my buddy who owns ALL ASIAN PORNSTARS BLOG . If you thought I knew asians… well I can hardly keep up with all the new faces with similiar names. But one guy who tracks down daily new free galleries of all the upcoming and known asian pornstars is him. Granted, I still think I know more about the old school asian pornstars from before 2002… but that’s cuz I’m getting to be an old man, LOL. So check out his blog for AEE Expo news, tons of free pic & video galleries & asian pornstar gossip!

VISIT ALL ASIAN PORNSTARS BLOG >>>>>> and don’t forget to check his main page for great asian pornstar bios & links.

New – Crissy Moon

crissy moon

There’s a new Eurasian on Mr. Chews this week and she looks about as asian as Alaura Eden. I’m sure the heavy “cat eyeliner” makeup really helps her achieve the ~Oriental~ look. Check out sexy new pornstar Crissy Moon getting fucked on Mr Chew’s couch!

Here’s some video clips of new asian Crissy Moon fucking.

Y’know… I really like the name Crissy ( or Krissy, Chrissy ) for a chick’s name for some reason; it is hardly used now which is a shame. Maybe I like it from Krissy Snow from Threes Company growing up.

Mia new asian pornstar gallery pics

Mr Chew has been busy this week! Not one but two new pornstars for you… This new girl, MIA LELANI is more my style:
Meet MIA LELANI stripping at the park pics
MIA LELANI gets fucked doggystyle video clips

Luke Ford sold his site!

This has nothing to do with actual asian pornstar news BUT since his writings and videos are pretty much an industry standard (not matter how crappy) it’s still a loss. I talked to him on Halloween and he said that he sold his website a week beforehand but he wouldn’t say who he sold it to and that it’s a secret. When I checked out his site it seems like his writing up until the Halloween parties coverage and then it’s just links to other stories. I don’t know how someone else is going to fare writing like Luke since his style and emotions are very unique and complicated; or if they are going to still pretend it’s Luke, or if Luke will be under contract… who knows. This kind of thing has happened a few years back when he sold his original site: and tried to go mainstream. Shortly after, he started Luke Is Back.

He can’t stay away… I give it 6 months before he comes humbly grovelling back to the industry which he has a love/hate with. Either he will start another blog site on his own or be contracted to write for one of the high trafficked adult video fan sites.

Now he’s looking for a “real job.” Good luck!

Another new asian site – KUNG FU WHORES

OMG it’s a new asian site called KUNG FU WHORES! LOL

It’s like “Hello!” we really can’t think of any more good names for asian sites so we’ll just use the same ol same ol usually consisting of either Kung Fu, Chop Suey, Me Luv You Long Time, Sucky Sucky, FUckee Suckee & then followed by either Sluts, Whores, Girls, Cum Buckets, etc)

There’s really only so many combos of that you can make up and they all kinda sound the same when you see a lot of them together… This site features some of the “MID-2000″ girls if that makes any sense. Girls that came in (and some left) during the 2004- early 2006 time period that don’t have the same look & similar names as the “new” girls now. Some good examples of the “mid-2000″ girls I like are Lacey Tom, Veronica Lynn, Asia (not Carrera) , Annie Cruz, Japanese Kammy & Japanese Yumi.

Oh and GUESS WHAT!?!?! They’re all on KUNG FU WHORES!! The site claims it’s filmed all exclusive so since it features retired Korean Lacey Tom then that means it was filmed quite a while ago and just released now.

Here’s some sample pic galleries from KUNG FU WHORES:

Naomi Zen gets cock drilled after strippng lingirie pics
Lacey Tom does a threeway fuck with Lily Thai picture gallery
Japanese Yumi gets huge black cock inside tiny pussy pics
Filipina busty Loni interacial sex with Sledge Hammer pic gallery

Asian Pornstars on Bangbros

Bangbros is a non racially exclusive conglomorate who frequently shoots black girls, latinas and of course our favorite asians too! Heck they even have that site with NO WHITE GIRLS whatsoever called Black-Asian-Latina Honeys.

bangbros asians

Let’s see who the Bangbro crew has recently fucked:

Cute unknown asian giving a POV handjob movies
Sexy Lana Croft riding massive cock – movie gallery
Tia Tanaka & Charmane Star lesbo make out session video clips
Nadi Phuket discovers how big a black mans dick is -picture gallery

Out of all the asian girls that have been on bangbros, I’d still have to say that my favorite scenes are still and always will be the infamous Bangbus videos, hands down, grainy & dirty Miami style!

Big Dicks Little Asians

This site is entertaining cuz they make the AZN girls look horrified and shocked once they pull out the dudes package, like it’s their first time seeing a gargantuan penile projectile that size & they are at a loss of what to do with it! It still cracks me up everytime cuz the directors make them do those silly faces, cuz y’know these are well versed pornstars they’re shooting, NOT smalltown chickies from OK.

Pics of tanned Ty Enali sucking and fucking the big one
Jazmine Leih gets huge load on her big titties vids gallery
Jayna Oso who’s had her butt stretched to holy hell looks horrified at this dudes cock mpegs
Half asian girl Angel Valentine gets boned movie clips

Ok, so comparing all those picture & video galleries I just posted, every shot is the same with every girl. Position 1 – girl on knees blowjob with her lookin up… position 2 – girl lying back on couch getting fucked… position 3 – reverse cowgirl… Do y’all get tired of it?? Cuz I do. I wanna see some creative weird ass shit for these sites already… throw in a chicken, put a bag over her head, hell put a bag over HIS head so we don’t need to see closeup shots of his grunting sweaty face as he’s blowing his wad. I dunno…

Spotlight – Ethnic Pass

Speaking of video download sites & sites with older ripped DVD content, here’s a solid gold one worth mentioning. Ethnic Pass features a lot of DVD movies from Christian Mann’s Video Team, including lots of David Aaron Clarks movies & it’s ALL FOR DOWNLOAD at just $4.95!! At a quick glance through their titles I can see popular series such as “No Mans Land” & United Colors of Ass” which features seriously cute asians like Kylie Rey, Fujiko Kano & Lolita Young (which are all coincidentally ALL retired). These girls give real & fuckin hardcore kickass performances… don’t let their memories die! Their total DVD catalogue is 1071

A whole fucking wack of free galleries from Ethnic Pass:

Lolita Young & Kylie Rey interacial mpegs from Asia Noir
Sabrine Maui & China Spice licking eachothers pussy video clips
Rare asian Shai Lei hot bathroom sex mpegs
Sexy Lyla Lei riding cock in black stockings mpegs
Roxy Jezel getting throat gagged movie clips

Official asian pornstar sites – updates

I’m keeping tabs on who is opening / starting their OFFICIAL sites ( no clue how many of the girls run their sites 100% though, I’d like to see that number be 100% someday ) and some recent new sites opening or sites that are now accepting joins & members are:

Well after being up and active for quite awhile. ANNIE CRUZ OFFICIAL SITE is now taking members. It seems like Annie has a lot to do with the day to day operations of her site & she also updates her diary section. You get access to her videos & pics as well as free webcam chats & access to KSexRadio where you can hear the super annoying whiny voice of Wankus. Yay.

Hustler contract girl Michelle Maylene also has her OFFICIAL SITE ready to go and look, it’s not owned by Hustler. I’ve seen some other pornstar girls have their contract company make & own the site for them & when it’s time for them to leave the contract… well guess who legally owns their site?? Kudos for NOT falling into that trap. Always stake claim at what is yours!

Nautica Thorn’s OFFICIAL site is also ready. Don’t go to any other ones, especially the xxx one cuz apparently she is having a beef with her old webmaster about it. See, if she had just bought the domain & it’s under her name then she can point the DNS servers to where ever the fuck she wanted… I just don’t get it!! I see this happening a LOT. Why don’t they just make it themselves & run it themselves but partner with an already successful affiliate program with tons of affiliates already & do a percentage deal?? *SIGH* Am I the stupid one for not understanding??

Anyways, to cheer me up I’ll look at these free pics of Nautica Thorn riding on cock!

gianna lynn hardcore sex picsnautica thorn official site
Also the beautiful tattood asian Gianna Lynn’s OFFICIAL site is also done!! (note to self: do a profile page on her pronto!)
Here’s a free pic gallery from her site where she’s dominating some lesbian girl

The elusive sexy China Barbi also has her membership site open & it’s also redone & looks much better and slicker than before. Her skin also cleared up big time… is this even the same girl?? She’s a complete chameleon, I can’t even recognise her half the time in various photos… she should be a spy…. she could be a spy already but obviously she can’t tell us or else she’d have to kill us. Visit CHINA BARBI’S OFFICIAL SITE NOW!


It’s been awhile since I checked out the newer BangBros site BallHoneys (if you don’t know what that is it’s Black-Asian-Latina) Finally a site for us non-white girl lovers.

balhoneys bangbros sample clipsbangbros sample video trailers
Recently they nailed sexy Hawaiian Nautica Thorn on there:
Pic gallery of Nautica Thorn showing her bootay
Video clips of Nautica Thorn pussy poked on Ballhoneys
free sample videos bangbros balhoneys
Unidentified asian girl sucking cock sample clips
More of this asian girl stripping & sucking pics

If anyone has an idea of who that is that’d be just peachy.

And yet another amateur asian starlet getting “picked up” on the streets:
Pic gallery of another unidentified asian girl

Dayum, am I 1. losing my touch for indentifying and following the asian porn scene 2. are they just filming some of this stuff in Florida or 3. They really are starting to look the same & I’m getting jaded. Dum de dum… still surfing around.. wait!!! I KNOW THIS ONE! jasmine leih pics pornstarasian pornstar jasmine leih sample I believe it’s the newish Jasmine Leih stripping & getting boned video samples

oh & lets get some nice Pictures of Jasmine Leih doggystyle fucking too! Enjoy! Just an observation but quite a few of those mexican/latina girls on that site look kind of asian.